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Recognize the 8 Most Common Eye Disorders

Eye disorders can be experienced by anyone without knowing the age limit. Although some eye disorders can heal by themselves, but there are also some others who need treatment from an eye doctor. Eye disorders should not be underestimated. Without proper treatment, abnormalities in the eye can make it difficult for you to go about your daily activities. Some eye disorders can even cause blindness if left untreated. Various abnormalities in the eye Let us examine the eight types of eye disorders that are most often encountered as follows: 1. Nearsightedness Farsightedness or myopia is a condition when the eyes appear to see a faint object at a distance. Nearsightedness is generally caused by genetic factors. To overcome nearsightedness, it is necessary to use glasses, contact lenses, or laser eye surgery (LASIK). 2. Farsightedness Nearsightedness is the opposite of farsightedness, when the eyes appear to see objects faintly at close range. Generally caused by genetic factors
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Various Ways to Overcome the Disturbing Wet Armpit

Wet underarms due to excessive sweating is certainly very disturbing activity and reduce self-confidence. If you experience this condition, there are several ways you can deal with wet armpits. Wet armpits are actually not a condition that is considered dangerous. But it might get special attention because it can interfere with daily activities, including making you feel less confident in socializing. Common Factors Causes Wet Armpit Sweating is the body's effort to reduce the temperature naturally. For example, when you are exercising or nervous, your body temperature will increase so it needs to be cooled. The onset of excessive sweating without triggers is called hyperhidrosis. Generally this condition is caused by overactive sweat glands. This certainly can interfere with comfort, both physically and emotionally. Excessive sweating around the armpits is called axillary hyperhidrosis. This condition often makes sufferers not confident using brightly colored clothes, beca

Benefits of Skim Milk which is Low in Fat and Calories

Skim milk can also be called fat-free or low-fat and calorie milk. Although the fat content is reduced, skim milk still has the same nutritional content as regular whole milk, both from the content of calcium, vitamin D and protein. Usually skim milk is best consumed by those who are overweight or who are maintaining weight. Meanwhile, regular whole milk (full cream) is highly recommended for children over 2 years of age because it strongly supports brain growth and development. See the Various Benefits of Skim Milk Besides helping to control weight, the benefits of skim milk can also reduce cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke due to excess fat. In addition, there are also several benefits of consuming skim milk below that you need to know: Prevents the development of osteoarthritis (arthritis) Osteoarthritis is a disease that makes the joints become swollen, sore and stiff. Although more research is needed, at least drinking skim or regular whole